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Find a local insurance broker near me? Not anymore...

FAQs by Get Indemnity™


Technology now means your business is no longer reliant on an local insurance broker to find the best cover from the market

Engaging with a local insurance broker to obtain quotes from the market is in the past. We operate across the whole of the UK offering cost-effective solutions to small to medium sized businesses with a turnover less than £100m.

At get indemnity™ we're a digital insurance broker that makes the process of obtaining quotes and managing your business insurance simpler than ever. Our technology captures the information our dedicated team of insurance brokers requires to assess your insurance requirements.  



Insurance broker near you challanged

An insurance broker near you is not neccesaily the answer. You may have purchased your business insurance from a local insurance broker for many years, but ask yourself:

1.   Am I confident my business is adequately protected?
2.   Do we pay a cost-effective premium for the cover?
3.   Does my local insurance broker regularly benchmark my cover?
4.   Does my local insurance broker access a wide range of underwriters?
5.   Does my local insurance broker have the necessary expertise?
6.   Can technology allow for better support than an insurance broker near me?

At get indemnity™ we can offer a tailored and cost-effective service compared with your local insurance broker.

Technology vs insurance broker near me?

At get indemnity™ we employ a range of digital tools to ensure we maintain the same high-level service offered by the large international brokers without the additional costs.

The completion of paper proposals, scanning documents and sending them back via email is in the past. With a digital on-boarding process we can capture the relevant information online and promote competition amongst underwriters to secure our customers the most favourable terms from the wholesale insurance market.


Without a physical network of local insurance brokers

At get indemnity™ we believe that technology can provide the personalised service our customers require, without taking up too much of your valuable time. If you would like a face to face, video conferencing is a simple tool we can use to effectively communicate our recommendations.

Without a physical network of local insurance brokers, we can provide a cost-effective service online and pass those savings on to our customers. In addition, our London insurance broker hub means your cover will be carefully considered by one of our skilled account executives.


Find a local insurance broker near me

How to find local insurance brokers near me?

To find insurance brokers, the UK industry body 'British Insurance Brokers Association' provides an effective online service called 'find an insurance broker near me'.

However, the locality of your insurance broker is not as important as it used to be. If you can move away from this thinking, you'll find that technology can make purchasing and managing your insurance online, simple and cost-effective.


Remote access to the wholesale insurance market

Your company can compare business insurance quotes from the wholesale market with get indemnity™ online to see what improvements in cover are available and how much money you can save.

Regular remarketing of your cover should be undertaken as there continues to be significant movements in price and cover available. We recommend you benchmark your existing insurance to ensure you continue to purchase the most appropriate protection.

How to find insurance information and support?

We have constructed numerous product guides that offer insights into the insurance available and how they can assist your business. The FAQ's aim to provide general advice with respect to products such as professional indemnity insurance.

Our team of experienced professionals is on hand should you have any specific queries concerning your individual circumstances. At get indemnity™ we are always happy to engage and field any enquires you have.

Without a cross country network of local insurance brokers, we have been able to pool our knowledge and resources to provide our customers with a cost-effective service.

What digital broking tools do you have available?

At get indemnity™ we have a range of digital tools that allow us to exceed the service standards offered by your local insurance broker.

Digital On-Boarding Process - A simple and effective means to collate information and connect with a wide range of underwriters that will consider offering your company terms.

InsurBot & Live Chat - Talk online with one of account executives to guide you through our digital on-boarding process or ask them questions concerning the products you would like to consider.

Omi-channel Support - We can engage on a variety of mediums, including email, video link, online request forms, Live Chat, via our customer portal, or simply give us a call.

Customer Portal - We offer a digital ecosystem that provides access to your documentation and insurance policies online, in addition to the tracking of outstanding claims.


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This guide is for information purposes and based on sources we believe are reliable, the general risk management and insurance information is not intended to be taken as advice with respect to any individual circumstance and cannot be relied upon as such.