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Professional indemnity coverage available to both small and large architectural firms in the UK.
Architects PI insurance starting at £450 annually, or £37.50 a month for a £250k limit.
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Compare architect's professional indemnity quotes from the wholesale insurance market

In the planning, design and management of a construction project, architects are exposed to a number risks. Architects professional indemnity insurance offers necessary protection from liability claims in the course of their professional activities.

At get indemnityprofessional indemnity insurance starts at £450 annually or £37.50 monthly. The availability and cost of architects insurance will depend upon a variety of factors including your exposure to cladding, swimming pools and basement works.

    Get indemnity™ architects insurance

    Architects PI Insurance protects against the failure to exercise reasonable skill and care in provision of professional or advisory services. Architect's PI insurance protects firms by providing a legal defence and covers the cost of damages from a clients claim.

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    Operating as a digital insurance broker we can access multiple insurers from the wholesale market to identify the most appropriate architects insurance for your firm.

    Why you need Architects professional indemnity insurance?

    Although your architectural firm will invariably do its best to carry out work error free, mistakes will unfortunately occur, and frivolous allegations can be made. It is therefore essential architect's PI insurance is available to offer financial protection.

    Architects professional indemnity claims can have significant financial consequences if you are unfortunate enough to become the target of an allegation. 


    Improper advice

    Mistake in the preperation of designs

    Breach of building regulations

    Incorrect planning application

    Indentifies inadequate materials

    Bodily injury and property damage


    Architects Registration Board (ARB) insurance:

    The Architects Registration Board (ARB) requires firms to purchase professional indemnity insurance as described under the Architects Code. We can ensure you purchase the correct architects insurance to meet your obligations.

    The ARB requires a minimum limit of £250k each and every claim. However, it is up to each firm to determine they have sufficient architects insurance. The ARB also recommends that architects purchase a minimum six years of run-off cover upon cessation of business. 

    Our get indemnity™ architects insurance team are experts in professional indemnity insurance. We can work with you to ensure you purchase the most appropriate cover at the lowest cost.

    What types of PI claims are architect's exposed?

    Architectural firms have a high exposure to potentially costly claims. In most instances, architects insurance claims arise from negligence in the preparation of plans, designs, drawings and specifications.

    It is commonly accepted that non-structural architectural work is typically low hazard because it does not involve the foundation of a building. Architectural work on new builds typically carries a higher hazard, particularly if the work is in the commercial or industrial sector.

    Insurers views are subjective when reviewing your submission, however the list below identifies commonly accepted perceptions of architectural risk:


    > Lower risk architect activities

    >  Aborted Work
    >  Architectural Design Services
    >  Construction Management
    >  Landscape Architecture
    >  Project Management
    >  Refurbishment / Non-structural


    > Medium risk architect activities

    >  Civil Engineering
    >  Building Surveying
    >  Environmental Engineering
    >  Structural Engineering


    > Higher risk architect activities

    > High Rise Cladding
    > Basement Work
    > Swimming Pools
    > Soil Engineering
    > Piling and Foundations

    The nature and size of an applicant's largest projects will indicate the level of exposure posed to the insurance underwriter.


    > High risk architectural projects include:

    >  Aviation
    >  Bridges
    >  Harbours / Jetties
    >  Leisure Centers
    >  Medical Centers
    >  Mining
    >  Nuclear
    >  Oil & Gas
    >  Railways / Roads
    >  Schools
    >  Sewage Systems
    >  Sports Stadiums
    >  Tunnels
    >  Water Systems

    What are the market conditions for architect's PI insurance?

    At get indemnity we see a hardening of market conditions for architects professional indemnity insurance, with fewer insurers willing to compete for high risk architects insurance.

    If you operate within medium to high hazard architectual activities or projects we recommend you engage with your PI insurance broker early to ensure you obtain a satisfactory renewal. 

    With access to the wholesale architects insurance market, we can offer your firm a range of quotes from a number of competing insurers.


    Compare architects professional indemnity insurance

    What other insurance should architect's purchase?

    There are a number of business covers available to your architectural firm to assist with mitigating risk. At get indemnity we can offer a comprehensive package to ensure you're covered should the worst happen.

    Employers liability insurance for architects

    Most architecture firms will employ staff therefore you will be required to purchase employers' insurance under UK law.

    An employee could trip and fall at your offices leaving them with a permanent back condition. Architect's insurance will provide a legal defence and cover the cost of damages from an employee suffering a bodily injury or illness whilst working for you.

    Public liability insurance for architects

    It's worth considering public liability insurance if you have clients or members of the public visit your premises, or if you visit clients at their premises.

    A client could accidently slip and suffer a serious head injury at your offices. The architects insurance will provide a legal defence and cover the cost of damages. Without adequate protection the cost of personal injury cases can be significant.

    Cyber crime insurance for architects

    A cyber crime can potentially be covered under both cyber coverage and a commercial crime, however each policy will seek to mitigate the impact in different ways.

    Complete our online application to obtain a selection of architects insurance quotes that can combine a selection of covers under one policy.

    This guide is for information purposes and based on sources which we believe are reliable, the general risk management and insurance information is not intended to be taken as advice with respect to any individual circumstance and cannot be relied upon as such.