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As a charity you are exposed to several risks which can lead to claims being made against you, costing the charity money it doesn’t have and that could be better spent elsewhere. Compare an save with a specialist charity insurance broker.

 What is charity insurance?

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Why should you work with a charity insurance broker?

As a charity you are exposed to several different types of risk which require you to consider a number of different covers, including trustee indemnity insurance. As a charity insurance broker, we aim to understand your organisation and match you with the right insurer who can offer the right cover to protect your interests.

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What is charity insurance?

Charity insurance will enable you to carry out services, events, and fundraising activities while also protecting your charity against liability claims, loss of assets, and allegations of wrongdoing.

Unfortunately, your non-for-profit status and good endeavours does not remove your legal liabilities to employees, volunteers, trustees and third parties. Additionally, it is prudent to insure assets that could be destroyed or stolen.

Non-profits, voluntary organisations, community groups and religious organisations can all benefit from arranging adequate charity insurance protection to guard against financial exposures which could damage the future of the enterprise.


What charity insurance do we need?

Each charity will have different insurance needs, how much cover you buy will depend on a variety of factors. These decisions will usually be made by the board of trustees with consideration given to the risks faced in carrying out the usual activities of the charity and the likelihood of a claim or loss occurring, while also considering the possible litigation settlement and costs of defending a claim made against the charity. 

 Employers liability insurance

Employers Liability

Will offer financial protection to your organisation for compensation claims for injury or illness of your employees and volunteers.

 Public liability insurance

Public Liability

Covers injury or property damage claims of persons other than your employees or volunteers in the course of your activities.

 Trustee indemnity insurance

Trustee Liability

Offers protection to the trustees against civil, criminal and regulatory proceedings, while acting on behalf of the charity.

Trustee indemnity insurance quotes can start from £198 annually or £16.50 monthly for small charities.

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What additional charity insurance covers should we consider?

Charitable organisations are faced with a variety of different exposures in undertaking their activities that can lead to third parties seeking compensation though the courts. Alternatively, the charities assets can be destroyed (for example in a fire or flood).

Property damage

Property insurance can protect your organisation's buildings, contents, stock, computer equipment and specialist equipment, against loss or damage from a range of insured perils.

Business interruption

The cover can provide income protection if the business is interrupted by an insured peril. Business interruption insurance will protect against the consequential loss of the interruption to trade by indemnifying against for the loss of income.

Fidelity insurance

Protects your charity against dishonesty, theft, or fraud by employees. Employee crime insurance provides protection for financial loss, caused by an employee's criminal or fraudulent behaviour.

Money & personal assault

Protect your staff and volunteers when they are collecting donations. The cover can offer cover for theft of money and compensation for personal assault.

Should we buy public liability insurance for a charity event?

Whether it is a small coffee morning or to a two-day summer carnival, even with the best-laid plans accidents happen, buying public liability insurance will protect you against claims for injury or damage you cause to third parties, this could be in your capacity as an organiser or exhibitor. Without this cover, you could be out of pocket by many thousands of pounds.

How does insurers calculate your charity insurance cost?

The cost of insurance for charities varies depending on what you do, what cover you want, and which insurer is providing the cover, there is no one-size-fits-all, your insurance should reflect your unique set of circumstances.

Cover for small charities can start at £198 annually or £16.50 month, for a basic insurance package that might include employers liability and public liability. However, it is recommend you also consider additional covers to protect your interests.

Our job is to assess your needs and find the insurance that matches those needs, while cost is a factor it is important to consider the value of the cover provided and to make sure you are not underinsured. 

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How to insure against employment disputes at a charity?

Employment related issues continue to be a significant cause of liability claims made against third sector organisations. Employement practicies liability insurance can be a valuable protection to guard against claims arising from a range wide range of employment disputes.

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