Commercial Insurance

What commercial insurance does your business need to protect its interests?

There are many different types of commercial insurance coverage, below we explain how each of the covers can help protect your business

 Commercial Insurance from the Willis Towers Watson Network

What are the best commercial insurance companies operating in the UK?

Operating a business comes with a number of financial risks. As a Willis Towers Watson Network Broker, we have to expertise and access to the best commercial insurance companies in the market. Allowing us to secure cost-effective coverage under tailored insurance polices to help protect your business when you need it most.

 1. AIG Commercial Insurance Brand
 2. Allianz Commercial Insurance Brand
 3. Arch Commercial Insurance Brand
 4. AXA XL Commercial Insurance Brand
 5. Chubb Commercial Insurance Brand
 6. Hiscox Commercial Insurance Brand
 7. QBE Commercial Insurance Brand
 8. Zurich Commercial Insurance Brand

What is commercial insurance?

Commercial insurance, also known as business insurance, is coverage that offers financial protection from range of insurable events, such as a fire, flood, theft, bodily injury, legal costs, damages or regulatory investigations.

Working as a commercial insurance broker means we can identify a number of different products that can offer financial support and compensation should something untoward occur to your company.

The below guide explains how the different types of insurance work and what coverage is typically arranged by small business and mid-sized companies to help protect their financial interests.

What commercial insurance coverages does your business need?

Commercial insurance coverage is an essential part of helping protect every incorporated company against the risks associated with third-party liabilities, employee liabilities, property damage, theft and business interruption. Financial shocks to the business can be expensive, threaten the survival of the company and should be insured against even if there is not a legal requirement to do so.

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What other types of commercial insurance coverage does your business need?

There are many different types of commercial insurance coverage available to businesses to help protect their financial interests. Employers liability insurance, public liability insurance and property damage insurance, are three of the most commonly purchased covers by incorporated companies.

Buildings insurance

Buildings insurance will help protect your company against the loss or damage to a building you own from a range of insured perils such as fire, theft, accidental damage, storm, flood, escape of water, impact, explosion and riot.

Property damage

Property damage insurance coverage will help protect a variety of items, including plant, equipment, stock and machinery against loss or damage against a range of insured perils such as theft, accidental damage, fire, and flood.

Business interruption

Business interruption insurance coverage will help protect against the consequential loss of the interruption to trade (i.e. loss of revenue, profit or rent) as a result of being unable to continue to business activities.

Why you should be using an expert commercial insurance broker?

As an expert commercial insurance broker, we have the knowledge, experience and market access to approach a wide range of UK insurers to identify the most appropriate coverage to meet your business needs.

Independent advice

Within the Willis Towers Watson Network, we maintain our independence and our customers are our first priority which means we do not have any internal pressures that may affect the insurance advice, services and policies offered to our clients.

Cost-effective service

Premium cost and coverage terms and conditions can change over time. At Get Indemnity™ we can ensure regular benchmarking within the commercial insurance market to ensure you continue to buy the broadest coverage at the most affordable price.

How much does commercial insurance cost?

Each insurer will have their own methodology for measuring business risk and calculating your commercial insurance cost. We can offer some guidance and benchmark your business across your peers to ensure you achieve value for money.

Your commercial insurance premium will depend upon a number of factors, including but not limited to turnover, employee number, wage-roll, premises location, number of vehicles, and claims experience.

We can help compare policy coverage and premiums from a wide range of insurers to make sure you are getting the best deal. Talk to one of our experts about your specific business needs.

 How much does commercial insurance cost?

What additional commercial insurance policies does your business need?

There are many different insurance policies which can help protect your business from a range of insurable events. Below we've identifed three additional commercial insurance policies which are commonly taken up by small businesses and mid-sized companies.

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Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between business insurance and commercial insurance?

Business insurance and commercial insurance are the same, both can provide financial protection against a range of different types of losses, including legal liabilities, property damage and theft.

How do we compare commercial insurance quotes?

We recommend you complete our digital onboarding process or give us a call to discuss your business needs. Depending upon your requirements we maybe able to solicit insurance quotes the same day, or we may require additional information and the process can take up 10 working days for difficult and complex risks.

Are there other types of commercial business insurance are available?

There are many different types of commercial business insurance which we've not mentioned in the above guide. If you would like to discuss a product or policy coverage you have not seen, please give us a call discuss further.

How much commercial coverage does our business need?

The amount of commercial coverage you decide to purchase will dependant upon a number of factors, including your appetite for risk. We not not recommend you underinsure because if you need to rely upon your insurance coverage you will regret not opting for the higher amount.

When setting up a new business when should we get commercial insurance?

Once your business is incorporated you should consider arranging coverage to help protect your interests. You are legally required to purchase employers liability insurance, once you start employing.

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