Property Insurance

What types of property insurance are available to business?

Below we explain the different types of property insurance available that can help mitigate the risk of damage or loss.

 Property insurance from the WTW Network

There are a multitude of different property insurance covers available

Whether you are seeking to insure buildings, contents, computers, goods, equipment, vehicles, or building works. We can find an appropriate solution to meet your property insurance needs. Speak with one of our account executives about your business requirements.

 Contractors All Risk Insurance

All Risk Insurance

Contractors all risk insurance, otherwise known as contract works, is cover that can reinstate or repair the building works resulting from any damage.

 Property Owners Insurance

Property Owners

Also known as landlords insurance, is a package product that includes building insurance and is designed for companies that hold a portfolio of properties.

 Cargo Insurance

Cargo Insurance

Also known as marine cargo insurance, the cover protects against the physical loss of or damage to goods during transit up to a specified amount.

What property insurance does your business need to protect it's interests?

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Other types of property insurance that can protect your assets?

What is property insurance and why you need it?





 What property insurance do you need?