Company Insurance Providers

Who are the best insurance company providers for business in the UK?

There are hundreds of insurance companies operating in the commercial insurance market, below are our best insurers

 Best company insurance providers

Leading insurance company providers for business in the United Kingdom

At Get Indemnity™ we work with a wide range of business insurance providers in the UK, however we've identified the following insurers for their wide range of products, responsive service and claims handling capacity as our top 8 insurance company providers.

What is an insurance company?

An insurance company creates products that accept risks in return for the payment of insurance premiums. Insurance companies may operate as a mutual (owned by a group of policyholders) or proprietary (owned by shareholders).

A Lloyds syndicate operates in the Lloyds of London insurance market where they accept risks in return for the payment of insurance premiums, typically shared across many insurance syndicates and/or insurance companies.

Lloyd's of London is not an insurance company, but an insurance marketplace which acts as an intermediary between clients, insurance underwriters, insurance brokers, and insurance companies, that facilitates the transfer of risk.

 Insurance company providers

What are the benefits of working with quality insurance company providers?

As a WTW Network Broker we have strong relationships with many insurance company providers. However, the very best insurers will ensure they provide quality products, take a flexible approach to underwriting, and have excellent claims handling capabilities.

 Favourable insurance products

Quality products

The best insurance companies have a wide range of quality products that provide broad coverage under their policy terms and conditions.

 Flexible insurance policies

Flexible approach

Insurance providers which take a flexible approach and will consider the unique needs of our clients are highly rated and worth partnering with.

 Insurer claims handling

Claims handling

Insurance company claims handling capacity is vitally important, which ensures claims are settled in full and in a timely fashion.

How can an insurance company protect your business when you need it most? Talk to an expert insurance broker

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What products do the above insurance companies provide coverage for?

The above insurance company providers can provide a wide range of products to help with transferring risk. Below we've identified a selection of the most commonly purchased products from insurers.