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About Hiscox Insurance and why we at Get Indemnity™ have partnered

Hiscox is an international insurance group with a powerful brand, strong balance sheet and plenty of room to grow. Listed on the London Stock Exchange and headquartered in Bermuda, they have over 3,000 staff across 14 countries and 35 offices. Hiscox London Market underwrites international businesses, via the Lloyd’s insurance market, and specialist retail business from around the world.

 About Hiscox Insurance Brand

Why Hiscox has a reputation as a market leading insurer?

Hiscox commitment to it's clients and a superior claims service means it has a reputation for being a market leader. This is delivered by their team of UK-based specialists who promise: expertise. efficiency, empathy and fairness. Insurance is an important consideration for any business, whether you run a consultancy, or an architectual firm, you can trust in Hiscox. 

 Claims Handling

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 Underwriting Expertise

Underwriting Expertise

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The History of Hiscox

From a single underwriter at Lloyd’s of London in 1901 Hiscox Group has become a truelly global business growing to 35 offices in 14 countries throughout the UK, US, Europe and Asia.

Today Hiscox provide commercial covers such as employers' liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance for over 300,000 SMEs, professionals and consultants in the UK alone.

In 2005, The Hiscox Bermuda office is opened. Hiscox plc moves its country of domicile to Bermuda from the United Kingdom, adopting the name Hiscox Ltd. It also become a primary office for their reinsurance business.


Why should you choose Hiscox insurance to protect your business ?

Over 60 of the world’s 100 largest companies place their trust in Hiscox London Market, knowing they’re in a safe pair of hands should the worst happen. But it isnt just big businesses Hiscox provide protection for; whether it be insuring blue chip companies from the crippling costs of a cyber-attack, or helping to keep local businesses standing following a terrorist incident, Hiscox provides protection when it’s needed most.  

Hiscox London Market is the insurer of choice for the world’s leading companies. Talk to us to obtain a quote.

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Hiscox competitively underwrites a diverse portfolio of business sectors

Hiscox's long history of underwriting expertise has enabled them to provide a comprehensive range of products and services. Hiscox strength lies in the ability to offer products that are as unique as your business, so if you can’t find the right solution to your problem, you can challenge Hiscox to develop one.