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 What is trustee indemnity insurance?

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Trustee Liability Insurance

What is trustee insurance?

Often referred to as trustee liability insurance or trustee indemnity insurance, the cover is designed to protect trustees against personal financial loss arising from their duties and responsibilities in managing a trust or charitable organisation. This type of insurance will cover legal costs and potential personal liability that trustees might face if there is a legal action for breach of their duties, maladministration, or for mismanagement of the trust’s assets.

Charities, not-for-profit organisations, or trusts created with a specific objective, will require financial protection for the individuals that take on the responsibilies and personal liabilities arising from their decision-making and management roles obligations of being a trustee. For pension trustees and pension schemes, please refer to pension trustee liability insurance.


We work with a wide range of charity insurance providers, who can provide trustee coverage on a combined charity package that provides protection for a wide range of liabilities and property damage. Further information can be found at charity insurance

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What is trustee indemnity insurance?

Individuals that accept roles as trustees can be held personally liable while acting on behalf of your organisation. Trustee indemnity insurance, otherwise known as trustee liability insurance, offers a cost-effective mechanism to protect those individuals should an allegation of wrongdoing occur. The cover provides financial protection to individuals against civil, criminal and regulatory proceedings, which may arise while acting in their trustee capacity on behalf of the organisation, trust or charity.


Key aspects of trustee indemnity insurance:

Trustee indemnity insurance will cover the legal costs of the trustees for alleged errors, omissions, or breaches of duty, whilst managing the charity or trust. This can include financial, legal, and other professional decisions, whether they're outsourced to professionals or not.  Trustee indemnity insurance protects individual trustees from personal financial losses. By having trustee indemnity insurance, individuals can perform their roles with greater confidence, knowing they have protection against potential legal liabilities.

Why trustee indemnity insurance is important?

Trustees acting on behalf of your non-profit or charity are exposed to numerous obligations and can become the target of legal proceedings during the course of managing a charitable organisation. The law generally seeks to protect individuals where they have acted in good faith and complied with their duties. However, every organisation should consider trustee indemnity insurance to offer a legal defence against allegations and protect their personal assets.

 Legal defence

Legal defence

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Damages awarded

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What can a combined charity insurance policy cover?

Most insurers will offer trustee indemnity insurance under a combined charity policy, allowing a selection of covers to meet the needs of the non-profit organisation.

Trustee indemnity

Provides individuals financial protection from civil litigation and regulatory investigations, while acting in their capacity on behalf of the organisation. The insurance will protect against legal costs in defending allegations and damages.

Fidelity insurance

Provides the organisation financial protection for the theft of property, money or securities from employee dishonesty or fraud. The standard offering is typically limited to Employee Cover, however some insurers may provide additional cover.

How do insurers calculate your trustee indemnity insurance cost?

Quotes can start from £198 annually or £16.50 monthly. Your activities and size are important, measured by turnover, total assets and employee numbers, will have an impact on how your trustee indemnity insurance premium is calculated.

A key consideration for insurers is your financial stability and operational history. If you maintain a strong revenue and profitability with little debt, you are likely to obtain more favourable terms for your trustees.

Talk to one of our insurance experts about your trustee's insurance needs and we can compare quotes from the market to identify the cover you need for an affordable premium.

 How to calculate trustee indemnity insurance cost?

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