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About Beazley insurance and why we at Get Indemnity™ have partnered

Beazley PLC is the British parent company of specialist insurance businesses with operations in Europe, the US, and Asia who manage six Lloyd's syndicates. Beazley plc is incorporated in the UK and is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.

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Who are Beazley Risk Solutions and what are their strengths in the insurance market?

Beazley are a specialist insurer with three decades of experience in providing clients with the highest standards of underwriting and claims service worldwide. All Beazley’s insurance businesses are rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best credit rating agency.  They are a market leader in many of its chosen lines of business which we discuss further below.

 Underwriting Knowledge

Underwriting Knowledge

Specialising in both SME's and large corporates, Beazley has a wealth of underwriting knowledge to assist with identifying solutions.

 Claims Handling

Claims Handling

With a highly regarded claims team in the insurance market, Beazley is able to provide a flexible and timely approach to settling claims.

 Broad Appetite

Broad Appetite

With a brand appetite for a range of different risks, Beazley is able to provide cost-effective solutions to a wide range of businesses.

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History of Beazley

Beazley Group began life in 1986 as Beazley, Furlonge & Hiscox, which was bought out by Andrew Beazley and Nicholas Furlonge in 1992. Since then the company has grown steadily in terms of the risks we cover, the clients we serve and our geographic reach. Beazley today is a mature insurance business with a well diversified portfolio.

Over three decades Beazley has evolved from a specialist Lloyd's syndicate transacting business exclusively from the Beazley "box" at Lloyd's in London to a global insurer with offices in Europe, Asia, and across North America.

Why choose Beazley Syndicate as your insurance parter?

Beazley focus on markets where customised products, backed by expert service, are truly valued - often involving complex or challenging risks - and they design products from the ground up, keeping client's precise needs front of mind. Beazley provide some of the most innovative insurance products on the market, combining risk management, financial indemnity and tailored incident response services, to ensure that, when the worst happens, you can get back to doing what they do best, as quickly as possible.

As a choice insurer for a variety of products, Beazley has a variety of solutions to meet businesses needs.

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Beazley is a specialist insurer with three decades of underwriting experience

A proud participant in the Lloyd's market, the largest and oldest insurance market in the world. Beazley's business is divided into six operating divisions: Cyber & Executive Risk, Marine & Aviation, Political, Accident & Contingency (PAC), Property, Reinsurance and Specialty Lines. Beazley is a market leader in many of its chosen lines, which include:

TV and Film Insurance

Beazley are a specialist in the television and film industry. Broad coverage including: Libel and slander; Breach of confidentiality, privacy or right of publicity; Intellectual property infringement (e.g. copyright or trademark); Misappropriation of name or likeness; Infliction of emotional distress; Breach of licence; Misappropriation of ideas under implied contract; Up to 5 years' cover; Up to £10,000,000 limit available; Worldwide jurisdiction; Both individual and annual policies.