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Get indemnity™ engineers insurance

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Ensure your engineering firm is protected if problems arise from the works you have undertaken.
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Engineers professional indemnity can start from £395 annually or £32.91 monthly.

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Engineers will often make fundamental decisions on projects and can therefore become the main target for any litigation. Professional indemnity insurance can offer protection if any issues arise from the engineering works you have undertaken.

At get indemnity™ engineers professional indemnity starts from £395 per year or £32.91 per month. Below we provide some background about the different engineers insurance covers available and explain what you should take into consideration.

    Get indemnity™ engineers insurance

    At get indemnity we can offer tailored insurance solutions to chemical, civil, electrical, geotechnical, mechanical or structural engineering firms with a turnover less than £100 million.

    If your engineering firm is unfortunate enough to become the target of an allegation, there can be significant financial consequences, even if the allegation has no merit.

    Most engineers find they are required to maintain professional indemnity to meet contractural conditions. However, consideration should be made to how much PI insurance is required in order to provide sufficient protection in the event of a claim.

    Example engineer's professional indemnity claims:


    Design error

    Inadequate specification

    Bodily injury

    Improper advice

     Breach of confidentiality

    Property damage

    At get indemnity we have access to a range of different insurers that have the capacity to underwrite engineers professional indemnity. If you would like to discuss your individual needs, please contact us on 0345 625 0711.

    What engineering activities pose a greater exposure?

    Engineers have a high exposure to sizeable claims because of the typical reliance on the advisory and technical services provided.

    The type of activities you undertake and projects you work on will have a direct bearing on your insurance premium.


    >  Lower risk engineering activities

    >   Aborted Work
    >   Acoustical Engineering
    >   Communication Engineering
    >   Construction
    >   Electrical Engineering
    >   Forensic Engineering
    >   Heating and Ventilation
    >   Hydrological Engineering
    >   Mechanical Engineering
    >   Project management


    >  Medium risk engineering activities

    >   Civil Engineering
    >   Environmental Engineering
    >   Metallurgy
    >   Process Engineering
    >   Structural Engineering
    >   Testing Laboratories


    >  High risk engineering activities

    >   Chemical Engineering
    >   Facade Engineering
    >   Soil Engineering
    >   Marine Engineering
    >   Nuclear Energy
    >   Oil & Gas
    >   Piling and Foundations


    The nature and size of your largest projects over the last 12 months will provide insurers with rating information to measure the potential for future litigation and claims.


    High risk engineering projects include:

    Aviation, Bridges, Harbours, Jetties, Leisure Centres, Medical Centres, Mining, Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Railways, Roads, Schools, Sewage Systems, Sports Stadiums, Tunnels, Water Systems

    What are the market conditions for engineer's professional indemnity?

    At get indemnity we see a hardening of market conditions for engineer's professional indemnity with greater focus on low hazard activities.

    Medium to high hazard engineering activities may come under increasing pressure to accept premium increases, with less insurers willing to compete. Your PI insurance broker should engage with you early in the renewal process to ensure a satisfactory renewal.

    To discuss your individual circumstances, please contact us on 0345 625 0711, or click here to book a call with one of our specialist brokers.


    Compare engineers professional indemnity insurance

    What additional engineers insurance should we consider?

    We have a range of business insurance products available for engineering firms to transfer risk. At get indemnity we can offer comprehensive solutions to ensure you have the necessary protection.


    Engineers public liability

    Public liability insurance will provide a legal defence and cover the cost of damages arising from injury or property damage, of third persons.

    Engineering firms should consider public liability if you have clients or members of the public visit your premises, or if you visit clients at their premises.

    Engineers employers liability

    Employers liability insurance will provide a legal defence and cover the cost of damages against claims arising from injury or illness of your employees.

    Engineering firms will typically employ staff, therefore under UK law will be required to purchase employers liability.

    Engineers cyber crime

    The fraudulent theft of funds and your legal liability to third parties from a cyber crime can all be very costly.

    Some insurers have combined covers traditionally offered under fidelity insurance and cyber coverage under one policy.

    This guide is for information purposes and based on sources which we believe are reliable, the general risk management and insurance information is not intended to be taken as advice with respect to any individual circumstance and cannot be relied upon as such.