Ryan Nevin, Insurance Broker

Ryan Nevin

BSc (Hons), Account Broker


Ryan Nevin is a graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Southampton. He has demonstrated exceptional academic prowess, with his comprehensive education equipping him with a solid foundation in financial principles.

Ryan is passionate about leveraging his knowledge to succeed within the insurance industry. He possesses a keen analytical mind and a strong dedication to client service, and data management. His ability to understand complex risk scenarios and provide strategic solutions makes him a valuable asset to any team.

Currently, Ryan is pursuing a career in insurance in his role as an Account Broker with Get Indemnity™. He is an ambitious professional who is currently studying towards being a Chartered Insurance Broker. Ryan joins a dynamic team where he can apply his skills, while continuing to learn and grow professionally within the insurance sector.

In his spare time, Ryan enjoys travelling around the world, as well as both playing and watching sports. He also possesses a keen interest in film and entertainment, which he has developed in recent years.


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