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Get indemnity™ media insurance starts at £322 annually or £26.83 monthly.
Designed for advertisers, broadcasters, producers, publishers and T.V & Film.
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Media liability insurance is designed for agencies that work within advertising, broadcasting, production, publishing or other types of creative arts

Technology has reduced the boundaries of media distribution to achieve a global audience. However, these opportunities have also created new risks, and companies should ensure they are protected with appropriate media insurance.

At get indemnity™ media insurance starts at £322 annually or £26.83 monthly for a £1 million professional indemnity insurance limit. Below we provide some background and consider how media insurance can protect different industries faced with the same exposures.

    Get indemnity™ media insurance

    Working in a fast-changing environment presents a number of challenges. Ensure you have suitable protection to cover unexpected legal liabilities and property damage with get indemnity™ media insurance.

    As specialist media insurance brokers, we can compare cover from wholesale insurers that is designed specifically to meet your needs. Below we take a closer look at the different types of agencies that will benefit from purchasing media insurance. 

    What is media liability insurance?

    Media liability insurance is specialist cover designed for advertisers, broadcasters, producers, publishers and other types of media agencies. It includes a variety of covers that can be tailored to mitigate financial risks from unforeseen events.

    At get indemnity we are a digital insurance broker with access to the wholesale market to identify a range of media liability insurance solutions.


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    How can media liability insurance offer protection?

    Professional indemnity insurance is the most commonly purchased media insurance, essential for operating in the modern world.

    Unfortunately, we work in an increasingly litigious society and spurious claims are a part of doing business. Technology creates plenty of opportunities, but can also increase the risk associated with:

    >  Breach of Copyright;
    >  False and Misleading Statements;
    >  Defamation (libel and slander);
    >  Invasion of Privacy; and
    >  Trademark Infringement.

    For further information read: Social media risk - how to protect your business online?

    Who typically buys media liability insurance?

    Companies working within the industry should ensure they purchase the most appropriate media insurance. Below we have taken a look at the risks associated with:

    >  Advertising & Marketing;
    >  T.V, Film or Theatre Production;
    >  Publishers; and
    >  Broadcasters.

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    Advertising & marketing insurance

    The responsibility of communicating a client's brand and message correctly to stakeholders has the potential to cause significant costs under your media insurance. Simple mistakes can't be rectified easily, and damages may be sought when dealing with your client's brand.

    Advertising agencies, direct marketing companies, public relations companies, media buyers, social media agencies, market research companies and marketing consultants all require media liability insurance.

    Media activities includes; advertising services, content creation, direct marketing, marketing communications, press releases, public relations (PR) and promotional activities.

    Production T.V & film insurance

    Whether producing films, television programmes or theatre shows you should ensure you purchase the most appropriate media insurance to meet your needs and contractual requirements.

    The largest exposure for film and television producers is the obtaining and clearing of licenses and consents from third party contributors. The following information is preferred by insurers when considering offering media liability insurance:

    >  Name of production
    >  Summary of the production
    >  Budget of the production
    >  Confirmation of rights / clearance has been obtained
    >  Experience of producer and executive producer
    >  Hold harmless agreements in place from 3rd party content providers

    Note we can include purchasers, distributors, co-producers or any third party that has a financial interest in the production as an additional insured to satisfy any contractual liability. Media insurance for T.V and Film can offer flexible cover for the length of time the production is to be broadcast.

    Publishers insurance

    Whether publishing your own content or publishing content on behalf of others, the persons responsible can become the target of civil litigation.

    The reach of the internet has increased the risks historically associated with print media, such as defamation, intellectual property infringement and breach of privacy, all of which can be covered under media insurance.

    The value associated with copyrighted and trademarked content or brands is high. The cost to defend these actions and the potential for damages can be a significant financial risk.

    The Defamation Act 2013 has come some way in tightening up the ability to bring an action in the UK. However, there remains a significant risk posed by publishers especially given the rise of internet liability exposures.

    Media activities includes: Book Publishers, Education Publishers, Electronic Publishers, Newspaper Publishers, Magazine Publishers, Online Publishers and Trade Publishers

    Broadcasters insurance

    Whether you operate a TV or radio station, you can be held responsible for the content you broadcast. The impact of legal action arising from libel, slander, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, trademark infringement and contextual mistakes, carry a significant financial risk and should be covered under your media insurance.

    Live talk shows, documentaries or reality programmes with unscripted dialogue can mean the threat of defamation can be especially difficult to manage and costly to insure.

    Media activities includes: radio broadcasters, television broadcasters and any activities that include the dissemination or transmission of media content via TV or radio all require media insurance.

    What media activities pose an increased risk?

    Media agencies responsibilities will vary depending on their industry and area of expertise, although most share several core duties.


    Low / medium media risk:

    Advertising Agents, Audio Visual Design, Authors, Broadcasters, Commercial Film Producers, Content Creators, Copywriters, Digital Agencies, Digital Marketing, Freelance Writers, Independent Contractors, Editing Services, Event Organisers, Festival Organisers, Film Distributors, Film Production, Freelancer Producers, Social Media Influencers, Marketing Consultants, Music Production Agencies, Photographers and Videographers, Public Relations Agencies, Press Agencies, Publishers, Radio Stations, SEO Agencies, Social Media Agencies, Theatre Production, T.V Production, and Visual Effects.


    High media risk:

    Computer Games, Direct Marketing, Lead Generation, List Broking, Music Publishers Printing Services, and Social Network Platform Operator. Content involving: Adult Material, Celebrity Orientated, Gambling, Investigative, Reality TV, Talk Show, and Politically Motivated.

    Why obtain tailored media professional indemnity insurance?

    Whether you're a broadcaster, publisher, producer or a combination of all three, media insurance can offer financial protection against a wide range of different exposures relating to each media offering.

    Tailored media professional indemnity insurance will provide financial protection against the failure to exercise reasonable skill and care. Obviously, all media companies aim to provide their services error free, however mistakes invariably happen. Having the appropriate media insurance, offers protection should the unfortunate occur.

    Please complete our online application to obtain your no-obligation quotes and benchmark your existing media insurance cost and cover. If you are unsure which business insurance suits your needs, please contact us and we can discuss.

    Can you provide media insurance claim examples?

    The below table identifies scenarios your agency may be exposed and the cover available to offer protection.

    What would happen if..
    Media Insurance:
    What the coverage does:
    A client requests financial compensation when a marketing campaign contains incorrect information.

    > Professional Indemnity

    Protects against legal costs incurred in defending the allegation; and damages from any award or settlement.

    A writer alleges that a film production used their storyline and brings an action for copyright infringement and misappropriation.

    > Professional Indemnity

    Protects against legal costs incurred in defending the allegation; and damages from any award or settlement.

    A person featured in a TV production brings an action for defamation and invasion of privacy over comments about their private life.

    > Professional Indemnity

    Protects against legal costs incurred in defending the allegation; and damages from any award or settlement.

    Ofcom undertakes an investigation into the directors after an allegation the company had breached statutory rules.

    > Directors and Officers

    > Management Liability

    Protects the directors against legal costs incurred in defending the allegation; and damages from any award or settlement.

    An employee claims for discrimination and failure to promote.

    > EPL Insurance

    > Management Liability

    Protects against legal costs incurred in defending the allegation; and damages from any award or settlement.
    An allegation of corporate manslaughter is made against the company after an actor dies on set.

    > Corporate Legal

    > Management Liability

    Protects against legal costs incurred in defending the allegation.

    Money for a production provided by a third party is stolen by an employee. 

    > Crime Insurance

    > Management Liability

    Protects against financial loss from the theft of property, money or securities by an employee.

    A cyber attack brings down your network and your ability to perform your daily tasks are severely disrupted.

    > Cyber Insurance

    Protects against financial loss arising from security and privacy breaches. Can cover first and third-party losses, including the subsequent loss of profits and increased costs.

    An employee trips over an object left on the floor at your offices and seeks compensation after a serious injury.

    > Employers Liability

    Protects against legal costs incurred in defending the allegation; and damages from any award or settlement.

    A client seeks compensation after falling down the stairs in your offices and causes a serious injury.

    > Public Liability Protects against legal costs incurred in defending the allegation; and damages from any award or settlement.
    Your company premises and equipment were damaged as a result of an insurable event (i.e. fire, flood or storm). > Property Damage Protects your company’s buildings and contents (including options for computer equipment) against loss or damage from a range of insured perils.

    Your business was unable to trade as a result of an insured event.

    > Business Interruption Protects against the loss of income from being unable to trade as a result damage from a range of insured perils.
    An employee becomes sick and is unable to work. > Health Insurance

    Protects the health of your employees if the unexpected occurs. Mixed levels of cover available according to budget and commercial needs.


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    This guide is for information purposes and based on sources which we believe are reliable, the general risk management and insurance information is not intended to be taken as advice with respect to any individual circumstance and cannot be relied upon as such.