Public Liability Insurance

Get indemnity™ public liability insurance offers protection against costly compensation claims and legal costs

Get indemnity™ public insurance

Compare public liability insurance quotes starting at £88 a year or £7.33 a month.
Available to small businesses and larger enterprises with up to £100 million turnover.
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What is public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance (otherwise known as general liability insurance) will protect against claims arising from injury or property damage of persons other than your employees in the course of your business activities.

Companies have a duty of care to maintain a safe environment for members of the public. Public liability insurance offers financial protection should an accident occur which causes injury or property damage.

To obtain your get indemnity™ public liability insurance quotes to protect against allegations and damages arising from compensation claims, please complete our online application or arrange a call back.

    Get indemnity™ public liability

    At get indemnity™ public liability insurance quotes start at £88 annually or £7.33 monthly. Below we offer some background on the importance of the cover and explain how the liability insurance can offer financial protection.

    If your business interacts with members of the public (including any customers, suppliers, contractors) you have a duty of care to maintain a safe environment and should purchase liability cover.

    Get indemnity™ public liability insurance quotes can be combined with a number of additional covers such as professional insurance and product insurance to meet your business needs.

    Compare public liability business insurance quotes

    Who needs public liability insurance?

    It is not a legal requirement to purchase, unlike employers' liability insurance. However, it is commonly purchased because it offers cost-effective protection against potential liabilities at a cost-effective premium.

    The no win, no fee system makes legal advice more accessible with no upfront costs means allegations occur with greater frequency. In addition, the public is generally more aware of their rights and will tend to pursue compensation.

    All businesses, no matter their size, whether they operate from offices, showrooms, warehouses or construction sites, or even a home office should consider buying general liability cover.

    Who does public liability insurance cover?

    Public liability insurance will cover claims from any person, excluding your employees, with whom you interact as part of your business. Including, but not limited to: customers, suppliers, contractors and other third persons.

    Buying liability insurance means your organisation is protected from having to make significant compensation payments as a result of injury or property damage. Speak to one of insurance brokers by arranging a call back.

    Personal injury claims can be very costly when you consider that compensation can include expenses incurred, loss of earnings, possible loss of future earnings, pain and suffering.

    How much public liability insurance do we need?

    The minimum public liability insurance typically offered is a £1 million limit. However, most businesses or organisations will typically purchase a minimum of £5 million or £10 million limit.

    Compensation awards for a severe injury have been increasing in the UK. Even working in an office environment, a slip, trip or fall could result in significant costs and damages provided to the claimant.

    However, if you work within construction or a commercial environment it is becoming increasingly common for businesses to purchase an Excess limit with £15m, £20m or £25m common practice.

    Excess business liability insurance

    Prudent businesses are increasingly purchasing an Excess of Loss policy to provide increased limits for public liability and employers liability and fleet insurance to protect against increased awards in UK courts.

    If you undertake manual activities or you are perceived to work in an industry that is exposed to personal injury claims speak with one of our insurance brokers and we can benchmark how much companies of a similar size purchase liability insurance.

    The limit you purchase will depend on your business activities, perception of the exposure and how much you are prepared to spend to mitigate the risk. Call us on 0345 625 0711 to compare quotes for your business.

    Can you provide public liability claim examples?

    Public liability insurance claims usually occur when someone is injured, or property is damaged because those responsible have failed to ensure its safety. Below are common liability claim scenarios, with slips, trips and falls the most frequent:




    Slips, trips and falls

    Exposure to hazardous chemicals

    Falling objects

    Inhalation injuries

    Burns or scalds

    Dangerous pathways

    Glass injuries

    Door injuries

    Lift / escalator accidents

    Whiplash injuries

    Hazard objects

    Crashes and collisions

    A member of the public was injured while using the stairs and they sustained a brain injury requiring long-term care from the fall: The total cost of the claim for long-term care totalled £8.2 million.

    Compare quotes with get indemnity™ to acheive cost savings and ensure your business is financially protected from an accident that causes injury or property damage.

    How does a public liability insurance policy work?

    Public liability insurance policies work on an occurrence basis, whereby the policy period in which the loss occurred will respond, irrespective of when the claim is made.

    In addition, liability policies are only intended to cover the injury or damage which is accidental. If the word accidental is not used when specifying the public liability definitions, there is usually an exclusion for injury or damage which results from a deliberate act or omission.

    To compare public liability insurance quotes from the wholesale market and benchmark whether you purchase the most cost-effective cover, please complete our digital onboarding process.


    Work away from your premises

    Public liability insurance will protect your company against compensation claims and legal costs if a third party suffers injury or property damage while on your premises.

    The majority of policies offer cover while working away from your premises. This is typically provided to accommodate a wide range of business activities, however sometimes the cover is removed.


    Public liability certiticate requirements

    Unlike a certificate of employers liability insurance, UK companies are not required by law to display a public liability insurance certificate. At get indemnity™ we can provide your company a certificate if required, as proof your coverage.

    How to compare public liability insurance quotes?

    Compare public liability insurance cost from the wholesale market with our online application. At get Indemnity™ we have the digital tools to access a wide range of insurers to provide competitive quotes.

    We continue to see soft to stable market conditions for insurance, driven mainly by an abundance of insurer capacity and stable claims environment. It is common to purchase liability under a package insurance policy.

    As a specialist insurance broker, we can tailor your cover to meet your specific needs. Please contact us and we can discuss your requirements.

    Last updated: 1st September 2021