Product Liability Insurance

Get indemnity™ product liability insurance protects against claims from injury or property damage from a product fault

Get Indemnity™ product liability

Product liability insurance cost starts from £224 per year or £18.66 per month.
Get indemnity™ product liability for whether you design, manufacture or supply products.
Package your product liability insurance with a range of additional business covers.
Compare cover from the wholesale market with a specialist product liability insurance broker.

Product Liability Business Insurance

Ensure protection for damages and legal costs resulting from a product fault

Businesses can be held wholly or partly responsible for injury or property damage as a result of a product fault. Product liability insurance is commonly purchased by businesses which design, manufacture or supply products to their customers. 

At get indemnity™ product liability insurance quotes start from £224 annually or £18.66 monthly. Below we provide some background about the cover and explain how product liability insurance can offer protection to your business.

    What is product liability insurance?

    Product liability insurance will protect against claims arising from injury or property damage as a result of a fault with a product you have provided.

    The business insurance will pay legal costs incurred in defending allegations and damages arising from any award or settlement. We've produced the useful guide to assist UK business: Product Liability Risk Management Explained 1O1

    Compare product liability insurance quotes for companies which which design, manufacture or supply products, by completing our digital onboarding process.

    Get indemnity™ product liability

    Unfortunately, mistakes and accidents occur with even the most well-designed products. Therefore, it’s important that you hold sufficient product liability insurance to protect your business.

    We operate in a compensation culture with the public generally more aware of their rights. With the no win, no fee system making legal advice more accessible with no upfront costs. Product liability claims, even if they are without merit, are becoming more frequent.

    At get Indemnity™ product liability insurance can be offered from £1 million to £25+ million to meet your needs. It can also be purchased wiith professional indemnity and public liability to ensure you're fully protected.

    Who needs product liability insurance?

    Anyone who supplies products is responsible for their safety and should therefore consider product liability insurance.


    Manufacture or product distribution

    The level of responsibility and potential product liability will depend on whether you are involved in the manufacture of the products, or whether you are involved with the distribution.

    If you're involved in the manufacturer, you hold the ultimate liability for the safety of the product you produce.

    However, the below identifies circumstances where you can still be wholly responsible under product liability from injury or property damage as a result of a fault with a product:

    >  If you repair or repurpose a product.
    >  Materials are imported from outside the European Union (UK post-Brexit)
    >  If you commission the manufacture of a product.
    >  If your business name or trademark appears on the product.
    >  Materials are from a supplier who is no longer in business or is unidentifiable.
    >  The supplier has a hold harmless agreement that indemnifies their liability.

    How do insurers calculate your product liability cost?

    To calculate your product liability cost, insurers consider the type of products being produced, where materials are sourced and where you are sending finished goods.


    Exporting to the USA or Canada

    Products sent to the USA or Canada can increase your product liability cost due to the size of the compensation awarded provided by the courts.

    Products produced in Asia

    Materials or products produced in Asia and other countries can restrict your ability to hold the supplier to account and increase your product liability cost.

    Safety critical goods

    Safety critical goods such as toys, electrical goods, machinery, fireworks, food and medicines carry an increased risk should they fail when being used.

    Perishable goods

    Perishable goods such as food or medication can easily be destroyed in transit or be ineffective once sold if not stored correctly.

    Product liability covers and definitions vary, therefore it's worth working with a specialist product liability insurance broker to ensure the cover best meets your needs.

    How much product liability insurance should you buy?

    The amount of product liability insurance you purchase will depend upon your activities, products, perception of the exposure and how much you are prepared to spend to mitigate the risk.

    The type of products you produce will likely impact your decision. For example, if you are a clothing manufacturer, the risk of product liability from injury or damage to property is far less than if you are a fireworks manufacturer.


    Minimum amount of product liability cover

    The minimum cover typically offered is a £1 million limit. However, the product liability risk of personal injury is significant, therefore businesses typically purchase a minimum of £5 million or £10 million.

    How to compare product liability insurance quotes?

    Product liability insurance quotes can typically be made available with 48 hours of completing our online application.

    However, every manufacture, wholesaler or distributor business model is different, and we may require further information dependent upon your business activities.

    At get indemnity we continue to see stable market conditions for product liability insurance cost, driven mainly by an abundance of insurer capacity.

    If you operate in a higher risk area or you've had recent claims activity, we recommend you engage with your product liability insurance broker early to achieve a satisfactory renewal.


    What is product liability insurance UK?

    This guide is for information purposes and based on sources which we believe are reliable, the general risk management and insurance information is not intended to be taken as advice with respect to any individual circumstance and cannot be relied upon as such.