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Meet your contractual requirements with amazon seller insurance

If you’re selling products on Amazon, it's likely you're be required to arrange appropriate online retail insurance to protect your business and your customers. As an Amazon insurance specialist, we can help arrange appropriate business insurance to meet your contractual requirements.

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What is Amazon seller insurance?

Amazon seller insurance is an insurance policy designed to meet the requirements of selling your products online. Whether you're a small online retail business or a larger Fulfilled by Amazon retailer, we can accommodate your needs.

Amazon FBA Partners are required to arrange product liability insurance with a number of specific conditions. For example, Amazon will require that they must be named on your insurance policy as an additional insured.

This can be challenging for most UK insurers, therefore you require a specialist retail insurance broker. We work with a number of insurers which can accommodate these types of requirements on a case by case basis.


 Amazon Seller Liability Insurance

Amazon seller liability insurance requirements

For 'Amazon US', public liability and product liability insurance a requirement for UK-based Amazon sellers with above USD10,000 of sales in a calendar month. Amazon’s requirements for selling in the UK and Europe are different and requires cover with above GBP4,000 of sales in a calendar month. If you make less, then Amazon doesn’t require you to arrage insurance cover your products, however we would always recommend you purchase the cover to protect your interests. Please note these requirements are subject to change and you should read your Amazon sellers agreement to ensure you purchase adequate amounts of cover.


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'Amazon' additional insured

The policy must name ” Services LLC., and its affiliates and assignees” as additional insureds, or the entity which you contract.

 Minimum liability limits

Minimum liability

This will be dependent on upon which Amazon entity you are working with and the sellers agreement you are required to agree.

 USA product liability

USA product liability

Most standard policies will not provide cover for the USA unless you make the correct disclosures and request the cover is provided.

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