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At get indemnity™ we offer a wide range of insurance solutions to companies with a turnover up to £100m. As a digital insurance broker, we can access the wholesale market and identify the most appropriate insurance for your business at the lowest cost.

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Improved Market Access

With more than one hundred and fifty providers of business insurance, we can offer improved access to specialist insurers.

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Digital Insurance Broker

As a digital insurance broker, we can make applying for and managing your commercial insurance simpler than ever.

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Integrated Application

With an integrated online application we can make cost savings on products, such as professional indemnity insurance.
Insurance Health Check

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Insurance Health Check

To ensure you purchase the most appropriate cover at the lowest cost

Articles & insights into risk management, technology, law and insurance

How does a professional indemnity insurance policy work-min.jpg

The mechanics of a professional indemnity policy can differ, so it’s important to appreciate the difference and whether you are required to purchase a spec...

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Two of the most common business insurance policies small business owners take out are professional indemnity and public liability.

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Contractor's all risk insurance (otherwise known as CAR insurance) offers a diverse range of covers tailored to the construction industry.

Why company directors don’t need D&O insurance?-min.jpg

Personal liability for company directors is commonly misunderstood because in the creation of a limited company there is the protection of creating a separat...

Insurance Underwriters

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Insurance Underwriters

To ensure your claims are always handled efficiently and effectively

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Expert Advice & Service

Our team has technical underwriting and claim management backgrounds with products, such as cyber insurance.

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Tailored Insurance

Upload your current policies and tailor your commercial insurance to meet your company's individual needs.

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No-obligation Quotes

We can offer no-obligation quotes typically within 48 hours, for products such as contractors all risk.

The insurance market is ‘hardening’ which means some insurers are seeking increased premiums on products such as D&O Insurance to accommodate losses from increased claims activity.

With a vast number of business insurance providers in the UK, each with unique products and a desire to target specific industries. Companies should regularly benchmark whether they continue to purchase the most appropriate insurance at the most affordable cost.

At get indemnity™ we maintain the knowledge and experience to negotiate a wide range of insurance solutions for any transferable risk. In addition to operating independently, we can identify the most appropriate insurance to meet your specific needs.

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