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Consultants Insurance

Benchmark cover for subject matter experts arising from a breach of professional duty

Consultants that provide services or advice as a subject matter expert are exposed to a variety of financial risks in the course of their activities. Consultants professional indemnity insurance can provide protection against a costly error or omission if a client is reliant on the services being offered.

    Consultants professional indemnity insurance

    Consultants professional indemnity insurance protects against the failure to exercise reasonable skill and care in provision of professional or advisory services.

    At get indemnity we can offer tailored professional indemnity solutions to cover a wide variety of consultancies. Although every consultancy is different, their services often begin with analysis and research, followed by recommendations and advice.

    Professional services might include: operations research, policy development, feasibility studies, business surveys, strategic planning and/or organisational planning.

    An allegation can have significant financial consequences if you are unfortunate enough to become the target. Consultants professional indemnity insurance claims can arise from:


    Negligent advice

    Breach of contract

    Inadequate investigation

    Breach of confidentiality



    Consultants professional indemnity insurance risks

    As a digital insurance broker, we can access the wholesale market to compare quotes from a number of competing insurers. 

    Consultants professional activities

    Often consultants will provide an analysis of management and/or operational issues. Then recommend solutions, typically aimed at providing increased efficiencies and performance.

    Below are just some of the professional activities we can assist in identifying the most appropriate consultants professional indemnity insurance:

    >  Advertising consultants
    >  Business consultants
    >  Education consultants
    >  Environmental consultants
    >  Health and safety consultants
    >  HR consultants
    >  IT consultants
    >  Management consultants
    >  Marketing consultants
    >  Public relations consultants
    >  Recruitment consultants
    >  Training consultants

    Medium to high risk consultants activities

    It is widely accepted the below professional activities are viewed as carrying an increased exposure to professional indemnity claims:

    >  Accountancy
    >  Actuarial
    >  Audit
    >  Debt settlement
    >  Engineering
    >  FSA regulated activities
    >  Engineering process management
    >  Insolvency work
    >  Legal
    >  Mergers or Acquisitions
    >  Refinancing

    Compare consultants professional indemnity insurance quotes

    Our customers can achieve cost savings on their insurance renewal by comparing their existing PI insurance against quotes from the wholesale market.

    We continue to see reductions in premiums for management consultants professional indemnity insurance, driven mainly by insurer competition for consultancies with a lower risk exposure.

    However, if your consultancy is perceived as carrying a high hazard exposure or have recent claims activity, you should engage with your PI insurance broker early in the renewal process to ensure sufficient planning to obtain a satisfactory renewal.

    Please complete our online application to apply for a range of insurance covers designed for professional consultants.


    Compare consultants professional indemnity insurance


    Additional consultants insurance

    We can offer a wide variety of business insurance covers to meet your insurance requirement. Please contact us to discuss further.


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    This guide is for information purposes and based on sources which we believe are reliable. The general risk management and insurance information is not intended to be taken as advice with respect to any individual circumstance and cannot be relied upon as such.