Event Insurance

Guide to arranging event insurance to protect your interests

Event insurance could be right solution for your business to cover the costs or out of pocket expenses you suffer if your event is cancelled or abandoned. It will also cover the potential liabilities that could arise from bodily injury or property damage. Whereas, contingency liability could offer further protection against future revenue.

 Event Insurance Explained by a Willis Towers Watson Network Broker

How event insurance is an effective product to manage risk?

If you are holding events, then the chances are that you could have a financial loss if one of these events did not go to plan, you could even face some hefty costs not to mention the PR nightmare that might be created. Good news is that event insurance is available to effectively outsource the risk to someone else i.e., the insurer. 

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What is event insurance?

Event insurance is a package policy that will typically include a number of different covers (i.e. public liability, event cancellation, contingent liability) to safeguard an event or series of related events.

No matter the type or size of your event, insurance should be considered at the very minimum to protect your legal liabilities from injury/damage and potential contractual requirements of the premises owner.

Event insurance can offer protection to a wide range of activities including: conferences, exhibitions, shows, trade fairs, charity events, comedy shows, competitions, theatre productions, sporting events, and performances.

 Why you need event insurance?

What types of event insurance is available?

We discuss the different types of event insurance below. Depending upon the types and size of the event, insurance can be tailored to meet your individual needs. Talk to one of our insurance brokers about your circumstances and we present appropriate solutions to meet your needs.

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Event Cancellation

Event cancellation insurance provides cover for the expenses you cannot recover if the event is cancelled, postponed, abandoned, curtailed, or relocated because of a cause which is entirely beyond your control. This could include adverse weather, non-appearance, strikes or disease.

Contingent Liability

Event contingency insurance protects you against the lost event costs and/or lost profits so the contingent liability reimburses the costs you cannot recover elsewhere, expenses incurred and or lost profit if the event is abandoned, postponed, interrupted or cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Crisis containment

Crisis containment cover to assist mitigate the risk of reputational damage with the hire of a public relations firm.

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