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Designers Insurance 

Offering cover for interior design, graphic design, web design, landscape design, product design and much more

Design professionals in the course of developing creative ideas and concepts to meet their client's objectives are exposed to a number of risks in providing technical and/or advisory services.

    Designers professional indemnity insurance

    Whether you provide graphic design, interior design, web design, landscape design, product design, designers professional indemnity insurance claims can include:

    Copyright or trademark infringement

    Breach of contract 

    Neglegent advice

    Disclosure of confidential information

    Product disparagement 

    Delay in agreed services

    Designers professional indemnity insurance protects against the failure to exercise reasonable skill and care in provision of professional or advisory design services.

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    Designers activities by risk

    Clients reliant upon the design work undertaken can seek financial recourse if there is a failure to exercise reasonable skill and care. Dependent upon the type and size of the project there is potential for high severity claims.

    A potential claim can have significant financial consequences if you are unfortunate enough to become the target of an allegation. The below identifies general types of design work characterised by risk:


    > Lower risk design activities

    >  Interior Design
    >  Graphic Design
    >  Landscape Design
    >  Web Design


    > Medium risk design activities

    >  Fire Protection Design
    >  Security Protection Design


    > High risk design activities

    >  Design of wood products
    >  Installation
    >  Medical device design
    >  Product manufacturing
    >  Toy design

    Market conditions for designer professional indemnity insurance

    At get indemnity we continue to see soft market conditions and reduction in premiums for designers professional indemnity insurance. This is driven mainly by an abundance of insurer capacity and a lack of significant claims attributable to designers.

    If your agency is perceived as carrying a high hazard exposure or you have recent claims activity, you should engage with your PI insurance broker early in the renewal process to ensure sufficient strategic planning to obtain a satisfactory renewal.

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    Compare designers professional indemnity insurance

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