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Hospitality insurance includes a variety of covers designed for businesses that work within the service industry

Managing a business in the food and drink, accommodation, event planning and transportation industries can be very challenging. Hospitality insurance can offer protection against a wide range of potential risks to your business.

At get indemnity™ hospitality insurance starts from £393 annually or £32.75 monthly. Below we provide some background about the different hospitality insurance covers available and explain what you should take into consideration.

    Get indemnity™ hospitality insurance

    Having adequate hospitality insurance to protect your business when you need it most is paramount. Disruptions that impact your cash flow are particularly important considerations within the hospitality industry.

    As specialist hospitality insurance broker, we work on your behalf to identify cover designed for your specific needs. We work with a wide range of hospitality insurers to indentify the most appropriate cover to meet your needs.

    What is hospitality insurance?

    Hospitality insurance provides solutions designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of businesses operating within the hospitality sector. The tailored insurance has been designed to mitigate financial risks and protect companies from unforeseen events.

    Cover will typically include:

    >  stock in transit;
    >  deterioration of stock; and
    >  loss of license.

    Management liability insurance should also be considered to offer your business and its directors sufficent protection from liability claims. 

    What business activities can hospitality insurance cover?

    Hospitality and tourism companies can provide a variety of services to their customers. Hospitality insurance has been designed to accommodate a range of activities:

    >  Accommodation Insurance
    >  Bar Insurance
    >  Brewery Insurance
    >  Café Insurance
    >  Catering Insurance
    >  Guest House Insurance
    >  Hotel Insurance
    >  Nightclubs Insurance
    >  Pub Insurance
    >  Restaurant Insurance


    Arranging insurance for your business doesn't have to be complicated. Whether you're a small business or a medium sized business with 250 staff, at get indemnity we can offer tailored hospitality insurance solutions to meet your needs. 

    As specialist hospitality insurance brokers, we understand your unique risks and challenges and can identify a range of solutions to transfer your risk.

    What to consider when buying hospitality insurance?

    Whether you provide accommodation, food or drink in the course of your business, there are a number of financial exposures that can be mitigated with hospitality insurance.

    Commercial combined is the most commonly purchased insurance policy by companies working within the hospitality industry, as it offers a selection of covers under one policy.

    However, it is worth considering additional business liability insurance covers that can offer protection against significant financial shocks to the business and individual directors.


    How to compare hospitality insurance?

    Compare your business insurance with get indemnity and identify potential cost savings and coverage enhancements for your hospitality insurance renewal.

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    Hospitality business insurance explained

    The below guide identifies scenarios your organisation may face and the hospitality insurance available that can offer protection:

    What would happen if
    Hospitality Insurance:
    What the cover does:
    Your business premises, equipment and stock were destroyed as a result of a fire.

    > Property Damage

    > Commercial Combined

    Protects the work in progress on a construction site in the event damage occurs as a result of an insured peril.

    Your business was unable to trade as a result of a flood.

    > Business Interruption

    > Commercial Combined

    Protects against the loss of income from being unable to trade as a result of the insured peril (i.e. property damage from a fire, flood or storm, ect).

    A delivery of stock on route to a customer was damaged.

    > Stock in Transit

    > Commercial Combined

    Protect against damage to property in transit by vehicles owned by or operated by you, or the custody or control of a third-party carrier.

    There was a power cut and your frozen and chilled stock was damaged.

    > Deterioration of Stock

    > Commercial Combined

    Protect against damage to property, being stock in any cold chamber, by deterioration or putrefaction in consequence of an insured event.
    Your licence to sell alcohol is withdrawn after issues with public nuisance, public safety or sale of alcohol to minors.

    > Loss of Licence

    > Commercial Combined

    Will protect against the licence for the sale of alcohol being forfeited, suspended or withdrawn. Can cover the loss of gross income, depreciation in the value of the premises and reasonable expenses.

    A customer is seriously injured and brings a compensation claim after falling over at your establishment.

    > Public Liability

    > Commercial Combined

    Protects the company against legal costs incurred in defending the allegation; and damages from any award or settlement.

    An employee is seriously injured at work after an altercation and brings a compensation claim against your business.

    > Employers Liability

    > Commercial Combined

    Protects the company against legal costs incurred in defending the allegation; and damages from any award or settlement.
    An accident occurs with one of your delivery drivers at fault.

    > Fleet Insurance

    Protects from an accident causing damage or injury. Comprehensive cover will provide for damage to your car, van or haulage vehicle.

    A cyber attack brings down your booking system and you are unable to take new bookings through the internet.

    > Cyber Insurance

    Protects the company against financial loss arising from security and privacy breaches. Can cover first and third-party losses, including the subsequent loss of profits and increased costs.

    There is an investigation by the Health and Safety Executive into the directors after a fatal case of a nut allergy.

    > Directors and Officers

    > Management Liability

    Protects the directors against legal costs incurred in defending the allegation; and damages from any award or settlement.
    An allegation of corporate manslaughter is brought against the company.

    > Corporate Legal

    > Management Liability

    Protects the company against legal costs incurred in defending the allegation.

    An employee claims sexual harassment against your business after an incident with their supervisor.

    > Employment Practices

    > Management Liability

    Protects the company against legal costs incurred in defending the allegation; and damages from any award or settlement.
    You discover an employee has been stealing thousands of pounds of stock.

    > Crime Insurance

    > Management Liability

    Protects the company against financial loss from the theft of property, money or securities by an employee.

    Additional hospitality insurance covers are available that can meet more specialised business requirements. Please contact us and we can discuss your specific needs.

    How can event cancellation insurance provide protection?

    Adverse weather conditions or the venue inaccessibility are just a couple of the reasons why events are cancelled.

    Event cancellation insurance is a specialist hospitality insurance cover designed to protect against costs and expenses you may incur as a result of an event having to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond your control.

    There are a range of options available for event cancellation cover, including loss of revenue or profit. Please contact us to discuss and we can identify a selection of options tailored to your business needs.

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    This guide is for information purposes and based on sources which we believe are reliable, the general risk management and insurance information is not intended to be taken as advice with respect to any individual circumstance and cannot be relied upon as such.