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As specialist sport and leisure insurance brokers we can accommodate a wide range of requirements.
Our online application can typically provide leisure insurance quotes from the wholesale market.
Sport, leisure and entertainment insurance can start at £322 per year or £29.33 per month.
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Sports, entertainment and leisure insurance include a variety of covers designed for businesses and organisations that work within the sector

In sport, leisure and entertainment, businesses are faced with a wide range risks and uncertainties. It’s important to maintain the correct leisure insurance to safeguard your organisation from liability and property damage claims.

At get indemnity™ sport, leisure and entertainment insurance starts at £352 annually or £29.33 monthly. Below we consider what cover you should consider when looking to protect your interests and how to purchase leisure insurance.

    Get Indemnity™ leisure insurance

    Sport, leisure and entertainment are challenging industries and maintaining suitable leisure insurance is critical to protect the future of your organisation. We work with a range of specialist insurers in order to identify solutions to meet your individual needs.

    Every organisation wants to keep their leisure insurance spend to a minimum but requires the protection in case something untoward occurs. Ensure you continue to purchase the most appropriate leisure insurance at the most affordable cost with a digital insurance broker.

    What is leisure insurance?

    Leisure insurance provide comprehensive solutions designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of organisations operating sport, entertainment and leisure activities. Ranging from sports clubs, casinos to amusement arcades.

    The tailored coverage has been designed to mitigate financial risks and protect organisations from a range of unforeseen events.

    As a digital insurance broker, please complete our online application to apply for a range of sports and leisure insurance products. We can obtain no-obligation quotes from a number of wholesale insurers to compare available cover.

    What activities can leisure insurance cover?

    The responsibilities, obligations and required leisure insurance will vary depending upon the activities you are offering your members.

    At get indemnity we can provide:

    >  Casino Insurance
    >  Education & Training Insurance
    >  Entertainment Venue Insurance
    >  Fitness Club Insurance
    >  Gambling Venue Insurance
    >  Golf Course Insurance
    >  Health Club Insurance
    >  Leisure Centre Insurance
    >  Nightclub Insurance
    >  Racetrack Insurance
    >  Sports Association Insurance
    >  Sports Club Insurance
    >  Visitor Attraction Insurance

    Sports and leisure insurance can provide cover for:

    Aerobics Clubs, Athletics Clubs, Badminton Clubs, Bowling Alleys, Bowls Clubs, Boxing Clubs, Cycling Clubs, Dance Clubs, Football Clubs, Gymnasiums, Gymnastics Clubs, Hockey Clubs, Martial Arts, Private Member Clubs, Rugby Clubs, Snooker & Pool Clubs, Social Clubs, Squash Clubs, Table Tennis Clubs, Tennis Clubs, Yoga Clubs

    What is member to member liability?

    When arranging public liability insurance for a club, consideration should be made to a member to member liability.

    Typically, if an individual member of the club is legally liable for personal injury or property damage to another member of the club, they would not be covered under the club's public liability insurance.

    Member to member liability extends the policy cover so individual members of the club may be treated as being insured themselves, offering protection for members against third party claims by other members.

    How can event cancellation insurance offer protection?

    Event cancellation insurance is a specialist cover designed to protect against costs and expenses you may incur as a result of an event having to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond your control.

    Conferences, exhibitions, festivals, music and sporting events, in addition to church and village fairs, can all benefit from event cancellation insurance.

    >  Adverse weather conditions;
    >  the venue is inaccessible due to safety concerns; or
    >  the performer cancels due to illness;
    are just some of the reasons why events are cancelled.

    Event cancellation is a specialist insurance cover with a range of options available, including loss of revenue or profit.

    Please contact us to discuss and we can identify a selection of tailored options to mitigate your financial risk.

    Sports & leisure insurance UK Guide

    The below guide identifies situations your company may face and the sports and leisure insurance that can offer protection:

    What would happen if
    Leisure Insurance:
    What the cover does:

    A spectator is seriously injured and brings a compensation claim after an accident at an event.

    > Public Liability

    > Commercial Combined

    Protects the company against legal costs incurred in defending the allegation; and damages from any award or settlement.

    An employee brings a compensation claim after being seriously injured at work.

    > Employers Liability

    > Commercial Combined

    Protects the company against legal costs incurred in defending the allegation; and damages from any award or settlement.

    An accidental bodily injury occurs to a participant in the leisure activity.

    > Personal Accident

    > Commercial Combined

    Offers financial support as defined in the policy schedule. Benefits will be payable for death or disablement and related medical expenses.
    Your premises, equipment and stock were destroyed as a result of a flood.

    > Property Damage

    > Commercial Combined

    Protects your buildings and contents against loss or damage from a range of insured perils.

    Your organisation was unable to operate as a result of a fire.

    > Business Interruption

    > Commercial Combined

    Protects against the loss of income from being unable to trade as a result of the insured peril (i.e. property damage from a fire, flood or storm, ect).

    A delivery of stock on route to a customer was damaged.

    > Stock in Transit

    > Commercial Combined

    Protect against damage to property in transit by vehicles owned by or operated by you, or the custody or control of a third-party carrier.

    A faulty appliance has destroyed your frozen and chilled stock.

    > Deterioration of Stock

    > Commercial Combined

    Protect against damage to property, being stock in any cold chamber, by deterioration or putrefaction in consequence of an insured event.
    Your licence to sell alcohol is not renewed after issues with public nuisance, public safety or sale of alcohol to minors.

    > Loss of Licence

    > Commercial Combined

    Will protect against the licence for the sale of alcohol being forfeited, suspended or withdrawn. Can cover the loss of gross income, depreciation in the value of the premises and reasonable expenses.

    There is an investigation by the Health and Safety Executive after an accident.

    > Directors and Officers

    > Management Liability

    Protects the directors against legal costs incurred in defending the allegation; and damages from any award or settlement.

    Financial compensation is sought for breach of contract against your club.

    > Corporate Legal

    > Management Liability

    Protects the company against legal costs incurred in defending the allegation.
    You find an employee has been stealing thousands of pounds over a period of years.

    > Crime Insurance

    > Management Liability

    Protects the company against financial loss from the theft of property, money or securities by an employee.
    An employee claims sexual harassment against your business after an incident with their supervisor.

    > Employment Practices

    > Management Liability

    Protects the company against legal costs incurred in defending the allegation; and damages from any award or settlement.
    A cyber attack shuts your systems down for a period of two weeks, you later realise that member information has been stolen.

    > Cyber Insurance

    Protects the company against financial loss arising from security and privacy breaches. Can include subsequent loss of profits and increased costs.

    Further cover is available that can meet more specialised requirements. If you would like to discuss event cancellation insurance, please contact us to discuss further.


    Optional extensions can include cover for:

    >  Playing surfaces, stands, dugouts and floodlights
    >  Coaching, tuition, instruction & advice liability
    >  Members sports equipment and personal effects
    >  Beauty treatment liability
    >  Non-negligent liability
    >  Legal expenses

    What to consider when buying sport & leisure insurance?

    Sports & leisure providers are faced with a number of liability and property exposures. Consideration should be given to your specific circumstances and appetite to transfer risk.

    Consideration should be made to ensuring sufficient limits of public liability insurance and employers' liability insurance are purchased. Personal injury claims can incur significant financial cost which can potentially threaten the future of your organisation.

    There are a number of sports and leisure insurance extensions currently available. Please ensure you highlight any specified items that you would like covered.

    At get indemnity we can save your organisation time and money on its insurance renewal. Complete our online application to obtain your no-obligation quotes. If you are unsure which covers to purchase, please contact us and we can discuss.


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    This guide is for information purposes and based on sources which we believe are reliable, the general risk management and insurance information is not intended to be taken as advice with respect to any individual circumstance and cannot be relied upon as such.