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We've combined technology with the knowledge and experience of insurance brokers

Get indemnity™ insurance broker

Without a physical network of local insurance brokers we can offer a cost-effective online service.
Compare cover and save on your existing insurance with quotes from the wholesale market.
Ensure you purchase the most competitive cover with a national UK insurance broker.
We employ specialist account executives with detailed product and market knowledge.

At get indemnity™ we can provide no-obligation quotes from a range of competing insurers to meet your needs. Technology offers insurance brokers greater efficiencies in dealing with enquires and we can pass those saving on to our clients.

Once we've recorded some basic information about your requirements and your business profile. We can consider which insurers have the ability to provide effective protection and can typically obtain quotes within 48 hours.

You will have a dedicated insurance broker on hand to guide you through the process and offer guidance on what is and isn’t permissible. To arrange a call back with our of our insurance broking specialists, please click here.

At get indemnity™ we have combined a traditional London insurance broker with modern technology to create a national broker that specialises in business insurance for small to medium enterprises as well as large corporates.

As a digital insurance broker, we offer a simple and effective online service that provides access to the wholesale insurance market. Offering competitive premiums, knowledgeable support and tailored insurance products to transfer our customer's risk.

Designed for private limited companies, LLP's and charities with up to £100 million turnover. Get indemnity™ is able to promote transparency and choice for our customers without the costs traditionally associated with some international brokers.

Part of the Willis Towers Watson Network we are able to leverage the purchasing power and knowledge of a much larger group, whilst maintaining the ability to operate as an independent insurance broker to ensure our cliant's needs come first.

With commercial insurance starting at as little as £200 annually or £18.33 monthly, we can provide cost effective solutions and the peace of mind that if you need to reply on your insurance it will be there to support you when it matters.

We are proud to be experts in identifying value in risk transfer solutions and will continually seek to improve our customer's experience. As a specialist insurance broker, we have the capacity to leverage our experience and digital tools to the benefit of our clients.

We welcome you to obtain your non-obligation business insurance quotation. Please complete our online application or give us a call on 0345 625 0711.


Simon Taylor ACII
Managing Director

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What is an insurance broker?

Insurance brokers are licensed intermediaries that can negotiate cover on behalf of their customers from the wholesale market. Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority they are authorised to offer their services, knowledge and support in the purchase of insurance contracts.


What is a digital insurance broker?

Digital insurance brokers provide the same range of services as traditional brokers. However, they have the electronic tools available that allow their customers to effectively purchase and manage their commercial insurance requirements online.


Why an independent insurance broker?

Insurance brokers that work independently of any insurance carriers will not have any conflicts of interest that may prejudice the service or advice offered. At get indemnity™ we are proud to be a truly independent insurance broker that always put our customer's interests first.

Why should you change insurance broker?

Your insurance broker should regularly undertake remarketing exercises, as there continues to be significant movements in price and cover available. We recommend you benchmark your existing insurance to ensure you continue to purchase the most appropriate cover.

Why use a London insurance broker?

As a London insurance broker, technology allows our customers to be digitally onboarded, allowing for information to be collected effectively. Our digital onboarding process h as been designed with our customers in mind, recording material information to promote competition amongst insurance underwriters.

Why find an insurance broker near me?

We operate as a national brokerage with a range of digital tools and services at our disposal. Our business model allows us to provide a cost-effective and personalised service to our customers, without the need for a physical network of local insurance brokers. 


The wholesale insurance market has hundreds of different providers which compete within a marketplace. As insurance intermediaries our role is to identify appropriate solutions to meet your needs.

At get indemnity™ we have the knowledge, experience and access to specialist 'A' rated insurers. We always act in our client's best interests by operating as an independent insurance broker.

Complete our digital on-boarding process or speak to one of our account executives to understand how we can assist with managing potential risks to your business.

+ Improved Access
+ Improved Choice
+ Online Service
+ Expert Advice
+ Independently Owned
Insurers have a number of challenges in attempting to accurately price your commercial insurance
Underwriting your insurance is subjective and each insurer will make their own individual risk assessment
As a digital insurance broker we have the tools to negotiate the most appropriate cover at the lowest cost

Licensed Broker

Get Indemnity™ is the trading name of Insurance Direct Group Solutions Limited, an authorised insurance broker by the Financial Conduct Authority under FRN 802038. This can be checked on or by contacting the FCA on 0800 111 6768.


Policy Documentation

It is important you read the insurance documents provided by your insurance broker to ensure you understand the cover, limits and other terms that apply. Please speak with your broker or account executive if you require further clarrity or have any concerns.


Fair Presentation of Risk

The UK Insurance Act 2015 and its ‘Duty of Fair Presentation’ exists to enable insurers to provide you with a fair outcome in the event of a claim. You have a duty to provide a fair presentation of the risk, before starting a new policy, changing a policy mid-term, or renewing a policy, to ensure the information provided is clear, accurate and complete.


Broker Statement

Our aim is to continually develop our firm as a profitable and well-respected brokerage, which is committed to providing a superior professional service to our customers. We acknowledge the advantages offered by insurance regulation and wish to ensure that our insurance practices meet and exceed the standards set by the FCA. 



The permissions granted by the FCA allow us to deal with non-investment insurance contracts in the U.K. As a regulated insurance brokers we can offer personal recomendations and will communicate with you in writing how we are acting for you, before undertaking any transactions on your behalf. 



To assist us to process any claim made by you it is important you notify us promptly when an incident, which may give rise to a claim, occurs. Delays may prejudice negotiations and entitle the insurer to repudiate the claim. In the event of uncertainty, the incident should always be reported. 


Compensation Scheme

As authorised insurance brokers we contribute to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). You may be entitled to compensation from the scheme if we cannot meet our obligations. This depends on the type of business and the circumstances of the claim. Further information is available on 0800 678 1100 or


Compliance Framework 

We are strongly committed to a policy of maintaining a comprehensive regulatory compliance framework. We believe it is best to set out our clear intent to our customers and the insurance we offer, including what we do if that service breaks down. The security and strength of our firm is assured through robust controls.


Address: The Minster Building, Great Tower St, London EC3R 7AG

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