Specialist Insurance Brokers

Specialist insurance brokerage

At get indemnity™ we can create bespoke insurance solutions to transfer risks from your balance sheet.
Specialist commercial insurance can provide protection a wide range of specified circumstances.
Working with numerous insurance carriers we can identify or develop tailored insurance solutions.

Specialist Insurance Broker

We have the market experience and contacts to identify insurance capacity for any transferable risk

At get indemnity we are authorised insurance brokers with experience working on a wide range of innovative innovative business insurance products that combine risk management, indemnity and incident response services.

The insurance market is diverse with capacity within Lloyds of London to accomodate a wide range of tailored risk solutions. The question you need to ask first, does an insurer already have the ability and product to accept your exposure?

    Do you require a specialist insurance broker?

    In most cases, the specialist insurance you require has already been arrange in one form or another and we can advise on how best to achieve your goals. 

    Please contact one of our specialist insurance brokers on 0345 625 0711 to discuss what you would like to insure and we can investigate how to provide the protection you require.

    We are proud to offer tailored insurance solutions for a wide variety of specialist risks. As a specialist insurance broker, we have the knowledge, experience and access to negotiate bespoke solutions for a range of transferable risks, including:

    > Public offering securities insurance

    Public offering securities insurance is a specialist cover that can be purchased in conjunction with D&O insurance in the event the company raises equity or debt from third party investors.

    The insurance will ring-fence the exposure posed by any disclosures made by individuals on behalf of the company in any prospectus or offering documentation. Public offering securities insurance requires a specialist insurance broker to negotiate terms from the market.

    > Warranties & indemnities insurance

    Warranties & indemnities insurance is a specialist cover designed to protect against breaches of representations or warranties given during the sale of a business. Sellers can ring-fence their financial exposure and access sale proceeds immediately without being tied up in escrow accounts.

    Whereas buyers can ensure financial recourse is available under the insurance, if the seller is not willing to pay a claim in the future. Warranties & indemnities insurance should be considered by a specialist insurance broker to negotiate the best coverage available.

    > Winding-up pension liability insurance

    Winding-up pension liability insurance is a specialist cover that offers protection to trustees that can potentially arise following completion of a pension scheme wind-up.

    Run-off cover is typically available for a period of up to 15 years to protect against a breach of trust or missing beneficiaries. Wind up pension liability insurance should be negoiated and arranged by a specialist insurance broker.

    > Product recall insurance

    Product recall insurance is a specialist cover that can be purchased in conjunction with product liability. It offers protection not just for the financial loss of a product recall but cover for damage to your brand and reputation.

    Product recall insurance should be considered by a specialist insurance broker with access to the wholesale insurance market.

    > Event cancellation insurance

    Event cancellation insurance is a specialist cover designed to protect against irrecoverable costs and expenses you may incur as a result of your event having to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond your control.

    The contingency insurance can provide for costs and expenses incurred and potential loss of profit or revenue. To benchmark coverage, event cancellation insurance should be negoiated by a specialist insurance broker.

    Why use get indemnity™ as a specialist insurance broker?

    We can accommodate a range of specialist industries and negotiate tailored insurance with a number of carriers to offer solutions for even the most complex of requirements.

    At get indemnity we have the experience to create bespoke risk transfer solutions at cost effective premiums. In addition, we can assist with identifying risk management professionals that are experts in niche fields.

    Complete our online application or contact us to discuss your specialist requirements and we can identify a range of tailored solutions from the wholesale insurance market.


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    This guide is for information purposes and based on sources which we believe are reliable, the general risk management and insurance information is not intended to be taken as advice with respect to any individual circumstance and cannot be relied upon as such.