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As a specialist insurance broker in London we offer a wide range of solutions to protect UK companies

Expert knowledge in risk transfer

As a specialist London insurance broker we service the whole of the UK with a range of online tools.
Benchmark your business insurance against quotes from the wholesale market by completing our digital onboarding process.
We have the knowledge and expertise to identify a range of solutions to meet your requirements.

National UK & London Insurance Brokers

We work with insurance underwriters to present our clients with a wide range of risk transfer solutions

Compare your existing business insurance to ensure you purchase the most suitable cover to meet your needs. With our knowledge-hub in London, we operate nationally across the UK, supporting businesses meet their legal requirements and transfer a wide selection of risks from their balance sheets.

Our digital on-boarding process collects information about your business held by 3rd parties, making the process of engaging with an insurance broker easier than ever. Select the covers you want to receive quotes and we’ll approach the wholesale market on your behalf.



With a range of digital broking tools to deliver our services remotely across the UK, we can provide high service standards at a reduced cost to your business. We are challenging the perception that you need to employ a local insurance broker to identify the most appropriate and cost-effective insurance available.

As a digital insurance broker we have the capacity to provide a wide range of solutions to UK companies with a turnover up to £100m turnover. 


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At get indemnity we offer a wide range of business insurance covers and can assist your company identify the most appropriate protection at a cost-effective premium. 


UK & London Insurance Brokers

  1. Do you need a local insurance broker?
  2. Why use a digital insurance broker?
  3. What online insurance tools are available?
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Do you need a local insurance broker?

At get indemnity we believe that technology allows us to provide the personalised service our customers require, without taking up too much of your valuable time. If you would like a face to face we operate a number of online tools including video conferencing.

Operating from London allows our team of insurance brokers to work closely with some of the most flexible and reliable wholesale insurers in the market. With Lloyds of London still the insurance hub for the UK and Europe, our close partnerships allow our customers the ability to obtain favorable terms.

For further information please read: Find A Local Insurance Broker Near Me? Not Anymore

Why use a digital insurance broker?

If you operate a UK business with a turnover less than £100m we can identify a range of insurance solutions available online. Complete our online application and we will guide you through our digital onboarding process.


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What online insurance tools are available?

As a London insurance broker, we have devised a number of digital tools to assist our clients to manage their commercial insurance online.

Online Application - Has been designed to reduce the information burden on our customers and connect digitally with a range of insurers to obtain the most competitive terms.

Live Chat and Support - Talk online with one of account executives to guide you through our digital on-boarding process or ask them questions concerning the products available to manage your risk.

Online Customer Portal - We can provide access to your insurance policies and relevant documentation via our online customer portal, in addition to tracking the progress of notified claims.

Omi-channel Support - Either complete our online request forms, engage with one of our account executives via our Live Chat, login in to our online customer portal or simply give us a call.

If, however you would like to visit our offices in Wapping, London, please contact us and we'll organise a time for your visit.

Insurance Brokers London Address

Office Address:
The Dock London
Tobacco Quay, Wapping Lane,
London, UK, E1W 2SF

Specialist London insurance broker

As a specialist insurance broker, we work with London insurance underwriters to present our customers with a wide range of risk transfer solutions. Our team has the knowledge and experience to offer negotiated products for even the most complex of needs.

Our London insurance broking team can help your business identify and protect against financial risks. Please contact us for a tailored business insurance quote.

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