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Consider how business insurance can help you spread risk with get indemnity™

Get indemnity™ business insurance

Compare business insurance quotes from the wholesale market.
There remains an abundance of insurers willing to compete to underwrite your cover.
Get indemnity™ insurance quotes can cost as little as £220 per year or £18.33 a month.
Complete our digital on-boarding process and we can identify a range of tailored policies.

Get indemnity™ business insurance

Compare business insurance quotes from the wholesale market.
There remains an abundance of insurers willing to compete to underwrite your cover.
Get indemnity™ insurance quotes can cost as little as £220 per year or £18.33 a month.
Complete our digital on-boarding process and we can identify a range of tailored policies.

Compare business insurance quotes from leading UK insurers from the wholesale market

At get indemnity we work with leading insurers from Lloyds of London and the wholesale insurance market to identify competitive business insurance quotes to meet our client's needs.

We work with small and medium sized businesses, as well as large corporates to identify cost-effective risk transfer solutions. At get indemnity™ business insurance can start at as little as £220 per annum or £18.33 per month.

You can arrange a call back at a convenient time with one of our experienced Account Executives or complete our digital onboarding process to receive your tailored insurance quote.

What is business insurance?

Business insurance is a contractual obligation from the insurer to cover the cost of compensation claims and legal expenses to defend in the event of a specific set of circumstances.

When companies are faced with risks that can potentially cause financial harm but the chance of occurring is low, company insurance provides an effective means to spread the cost and reduce the financial impact. Learn more about business insurance explained.

    Why choose get indemnity™ as your business insurance provider?

    At get indemnity we offer a digital platform to collect details about your business. This allows us to identify the most cost-effective business insurance policies from highly rated insurers to meet your individual requirements.

    We have access to range of 'A' rated UK insurers with the capacity to provide flexible and tailored insurance solutions. We pride ourselves in being able to identify cover when the standard solutions are not adequate.

    Compare business insurance quotes with get indemnity™ from the wholesale market by completing our online application or by speaking to one of our Account Executives on 0345 625 0711.


    Compare business insurance quotes with get indemnity™

    What types of business insurance do we need?

    The type of business insurance you require will be determined by a number of factors including your business activities, whether you have employees and whether you operate vehicles driving on the roads.

    Insurance contracts can be complicated, therefore we recommend you speak with one of our Account Executives to discuss your requirements. It would be unfortunate to suffer a loss that could have been covered at an affordable cost. Learn more about which types of business insurance you need.

    Is business insurance a compulsory legal requirement?

    When considering what insurance your business needs, there are a few compulsory business insurance covers required under UK law:


    Employer's liability insurance

    Employer's liability is compulsory and must be purchased as soon as you become an employer, with a minimum legal requirement of £5 million (however every business insurer will provide £10m at no additional cost).

    Learn more about employer's liability insurance


    Professional indemnity insurance

    Professional Indemnity must be purchased if you operate within a regulated industry, such as financial services that requires minimum amounts of cover. However, it's worth noting that many other businesses will still purchase when they offer a service.

    Learn more about professional indemnity insurance


    Business fleet insurance

    Business fleet must be purchased if you drive your car, van or haulage vehicle on UK roads. With third party cover a legal minimum if you have an accident causing damage or injury.

    Learn more about business fleet or vehicle insurance

    What to consider when buying business insurance?

    Identifying the right cover can seem like a difficult task. However, it's worth spending time to assess your situation and consider what protections (i.e. directors' liability insurance) can assist if something unexpected occurs.

    Company insurance is one of the most effective ways to manage unexpected costs. However, the decisions you make concerning your business coverage will very much depend upon your individual circumstances.

    To ensure your business is adequately protected, talk with one of our Account Executives on 0345 625 0711 or arrange a call back at a convenient time. We are more than happy to undertake a review of your existing covers.

    How to compare business insurance quotes?

    How to manage your business insurance cost?

    There remains an abundance of insurers willing to compete to underwrite your cover. In what is commonly referred to as a ‘soft market’, the customer has greater choice and negotiating power because supply outweighs demand.

    At get indemnity our customers can consider a range of insurance options designed to meet their individual requirements. As a London insurance broker, we maintain the knowledge, expertise and access to manage your business insurance cost.

    Potential cost savings can be achieved by comparing your existing renewal terms against quotes from alternative providers. To obtain your tailored insurance quotes, please complete our online application.

    What level of business insurance cover do we need?

    The amount of cover you buy could have a significant impact. A thematic review by the Financial Conduct Authority in 2015 revealed 40% of SMEs could be underinsured, leaving themselves exposed to a significant financial shortfall.

    If an insurance claim exceeds the maximum amount payable under your policy, or you don’t have adequate protection that meets your business needs in the event of a financial loss, you are deemed to be underinsured.

    Customers who undervalue their insurance protection in a calculated way to reduce their premium, might be surprised at how little they ‘save’ and how costly a loss could impact their business.

    How to compare business insurance quotes?

    Complete our digital onboarding process to compare business insurance quotes from the wholesale market. With access to numerous UK insurers we can save on your insurance spend while offer the protection you require.

    As a digital insurance broker, we aim to make the process of buying cover as simple as possible. Speak with one of our Account Executives to see how we can assist with securing you the protections your business needs.

    We can typically provide quotes for professional indemnity for example within 24-48 hours, however depending upon your requirements and which insurers we need to engage with the process can take longer (sometimes up to 10 working days).

    Business insurance FAQs

    How much will it cost to insure my small business?

    How insurers calculate your insurance premium will vary from one insurer to the next. Each will have a unique method for calculating your insurance cost dependant upon a number of risk factors. 

    Business activities, turnover, % split between countries, number of employees, annual wage roll, % paid to subcontractors, location of premises, type of premises, type of work undertaken, are just a few factors that could impact your insurance premium.

    For further information read: How to calculate your business insurance cost?

    Should we combine our business insurance with one provider?

    Whether you combine your cover will depend upon your business activities, the size of the business and what covers you are seeking to purchase. Request a quote from ourselves and we'll consider how best to arrange your business cover.

    Cost savings can be made on products such as commercial combined insurance by bundling difference covers under one product, however you may find that by separating some covers may actually be more cost-effective.

    Which business insurers can you obtain quotes from?

    Operating as an independent insurance broker we work with a large number of different business insurers to identify the best covers to meet your needs. 
    In providing your insurance quotes we will identify which business insurers we have approached on your behalf. Depending upon the circumstances we may only approach one insurer in the knowledge their offering is competitive.

    Should we buy product liability insurance?

    If your business manufactures or supplies a product which causes injury to a customer and they claim for financial compensation. A product liability insurance policy can offer protection against claims from injury or property damage resulting from the product you've supplied.
    Product liability insurance will provide cover for legal costs incurred in defending the allegation and damages from any award or settlement. Commonly purchased by businesses which design, manufacture or supply products to their customers.

    Should we also obtain a quote for cyber insurance?

    Have you considered what your business would do if a hacker breaches your business’s electronic security, steals personal information and holds your systems to ransom?

    cyber insurance policy can protect your business against losses arising from security and privacy breaches in the digital age. The cover can now offer access to specialists that can assist with mitigating the damage of a cyber attack.