Legal Expenses Insurance

Protection for your business with timely and cost-effective legal advice

Business legal protection insurance

We've partnered with DAS Law to provide legal expenses insurance as an add-on to any policy.
Includes access to wide range of legal services and helplines that can be used as often as required.
Legal protection insurance for your business from a wide range of potential commercial disputes.

Legal Expenses Insurance

Provides legal representation or unforeseen legal costs relating to a range of commercial disputes

Running a business can be challenging and resolving problems that require legal advice can prove expensive and time consuming. Legal expenses insurance can provide access to wide range of legal services if you become embroiled in a dispute.


Unexpected legal disputes can be daunting and stressful. However, not all business can afford to keep an in-house legal team on their payroll.

    Legal expenses insurance can provide cost-effective access to expert legal advice for issues such as employment disputes, personal injury, property protection, legal defence and tax protection.

    How is legal expenses insurance purchased?

    Commercial legal expenses insurance is sometimes included within a package policy such as commercial combined insurance, or purchased as an add-on to another insurance policy.

    What is covered under legal expenses insurance?

    The main cover afforded under a commercial legal expenses insurance policy is the appointed solicitor's legal fees.

    However, dependent upon the policy you purchase, cover can potentially provide for: court fees, expert witness costs, the other side’s costs if you are unsuccessful, and certain compensation awards you are ordered to pay.

    What legal expenses insurance doesn't cover?

    Commercial legal expenses insurance can vary between providers, however they will typically not provide cover for:

    • disputes that start before you purchase the policy or legal costs paid before your claim is accepted;
    • claims where the likelihood of success, or ‘reasonable prospects of success’ are evaluated as being less than 51% at any time; and
    • anything specifically excluded; your policy documentation will identify what is and what is not covered.

    How much does legal expenses insurance cost?

    The cost will vary depending on the size of your business and the activities which you undetake. Typical premiums will vary but will often be in the hundreds of pounds. 

    DAS commercial legal expenses can offer a quick and cost effective means to resolve unexpected legal issues. Obtain your no-obligation quote by completing our online application.

    What additional benefits does DAS Law provide?

    With DAS Business Law you can create and download a range of legal templates that can be customised to meet your individual requirements.

    You can choose from a range of documents including: employment discipline and dissmisal, debt recovery, employment procedures, hiring staff, sickness and absence documentation.


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